Tintri VMstore and Hyper-V Host Discovery

In order to provide all of the VM-aware goodness we expect from Tintri products, the Tintri VMstore needs to make some queries against the individual Hyper-V hosts. This differs from other supported hypervisors where VMstore communicates with a separate hypervisor manager (vCenter for example), but does mean that SCVMM is optional and VM awareness is at a finer granularity than can be provided by SCVMM.

Configuring a large number of Hyper-V hosts through the VMstore UI can be cumbersome — especially where more than one VMstore is being deployed.


Once VMstore has been granted access to the Hyper-V hosts it needs, and those hosts have been configured for constrained delegation to the VMstore, adding these hosts is a case of:

  1. Navigating to the Hyper-V tab of the Hypervisor Managers settings page.
  2. Clicking the Discover Hosts button.
  3. Selecting Select hosts configured for delegation.
  4. Click Save.

The VMstore will search Active Directory for the Hyper-V hosts it can find and note the ones configured for delegation to that VMstore. This provides a quick and easy way to instantly add all relevant Hyper-V hosts for VM awareness.

You will notice too that unlike other hypervisor managers, there is no need to enter the username/password of a service account. This is because the VMstore will use its Active Directory credentials to identify itself to the Hyper-V hosts, simplifying management.

If any of the discovered Hyper-V hosts cannot be queried by VMstore — perhaps due to connectivity or access control issues — the test results may be expanded to show details to help troubleshoot.

Hyper-V VM awareness is a few short clicks away.



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