Tintri VMstore and SMB Multichannel

In Windows Server 2012 and SMB 3.0, Microsoft added support for SMB Multichannel. Jose’ Barreto’s blog article describes the feature, listing benefits including increased throughput and network fault tolerance. It allows SMB sessions (including those utilised by Hyper-V) to make use of multiple network paths and TCP connections.

From the Tintri VMstore perspective, configuring SMB Multichannel is as simple as adding additional data IPs.

As described in Jose’s article above, the Get-SmbMultichannelConnection PowerShell cmdlet will display SMB multichannel status. The sample output below shows a Hyper-V host with two SMB sessions to a VMstore without multichannel:


Enabling multichannel on the VMstore side is a simple case of adding one or more additional data IP addresses, as shown here:


No reboots or service restarts. The Hyper-V host will periodically attempt to rediscover VMstore IP addresses (around every ten minutes) and will automatically enable multichannel where possible. The same Get-SmbMultichannelConnection output should show that for the same number of SMB sessions, we now have multiple SMB channels – each corresponding to one of the data IPs:





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