You may have seen this press release leading up to Microsoft Ignite 2016. Or perhaps you stopped by our booth and heard it from the horse’s mouth (I’m using artistic license — I get called an ass a lot). Either way, we’re extending our SCVMM integration.

Right from the time that our Hyper-V support left the nest for that first flight 2 years ago, it had some integration with Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM to its friends). With an SMI-S provider built into Tintri VMstore, creating shares, assigning them to Hyper-V hosts and clusters, and managing permissions is a no-brainer from within SCVMM.

So what’s new?

Back at the Tintri Factory, we’ve put together an SCVMM client plug-in that provides access to key per-VM functionality in a handful of unobtrusive buttons.


Once installed, click select a VM and snapshot, clone or replicate a VM, or take a look at its vital signs:


Simple and straightforward.

This epic plug-in is available as a tech preview from the Tintri Support Portal. Take a look.


[Epic plug image by Epic Fireworks under CC 2.0]


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