You may remember my previous post that introduces the SCVMM plug-in that we’ve released as a tech preview to augment our existing SCVMM integration via SMI-S. This time around, we’ll take a look at the Management Pack we’ve released for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) as a technology preview.

Firstly, this isn’t specific to just our Hyper-V customers. This is useful for monitoring VMs and Tintri VMstores across all supported hypervisors, including VMware.


Tintri’s SCOM Management Pack is added to SCOM in the same way you’d add any management pack. From there, you configure it to point to the Tintri VMstores you’d like to see monitored, and wait for it to refresh and collect data. You can also monitor instances of Tintri Global Center too.

Many storage vendors have SCOM Management Packs that will allow you to monitor the vital signs of their appliance and alert on sub-optimal conditions. We do too, and have some detailed Tintri-specifics, so let’s take that as a given.

Where Tintri’s SCOM integration excels, is that it exposes metrics and alerts on a per-VM basis. If you’d like to report on a particular group or set of VMs, you can. If you’d like to be notified when a particular set of production VMs step outside certain performance thresholds, you can. Those same per-VM metrics we have at every layer of the Tintri filesystem are able to be monitored from within the same tool you’re used to using to monitor everything else.


If you think about it, this makes perfect sense and is how it ought to be across the board. Private Cloud is virtualisation. The unit of management in the cloud is the application or virtual machine. Unless you have a complete view of each application end-to-end, you don’t have the whole picture.

If you’re a Tintri customer and you use SCOM, take a look at the SCOM Management Pack technology preview available (free) from our Support Portal. We’d love to hear any feedback you have — your local rep can put you in touch with the development team.



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